Crawfish and Smoked Tomato Gratin


Every Summer, the Washington Post runs a Top Tomato contest.  Readers submit their best tomato recipes.  The Post follows the recipes and judges the results.

In 2014, I made it into the final round.  The recipe was this Crawfish and Smoked Tomato Gratin.  The recipe came about as a result of an emergency.  Our upright deep freezer door had come partially opened.  By the time it was noticed, a few items had started to thaw.  They had to be used right away.  Among the items was some frozen crawfish tails and a pack of smoked tomatoes.

I was about to leave on a business trip, and also had great chanterelle mushrooms and sweet corn that needed to be used.  I needed a dish that would either use these items or pair well with them.  I whipped up this gratin on a whim, and it turned out to be pretty good!  It went well with sauteed chanterelles and steamed corn on the cob.

Off I went on my business trip.  My family consumed the rest of the gratin as leftovers.  The next thing I knew, the deadline for Top Tomato was looming.  I sketched out this recipe and got it in under the wire.

Time went by and I just assumed that my recipe did not make the cut.  Next year, I thought, I will have to put in a bit more planning and effort.  Just when I gave up on it, I got the call from the Post that they loved the recipe and it was a finalist.

This recipe works just as well with lobster meat, crab, or shrimp.  Enjoy.

Recipe for Crawfish and Smoked Tomato Gratin

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