Welcome to Tim’s Food Obsession! Here you will find tales of my culinary adventures along with pictures and instructions for you to share in the passion that food creates in my life.  Here you can find a feature on me and my cooking from the Washington Post; this great article really captured what I am all about when it comes to food.

Click on the Blog link in the top menu to go to the posts. My posts are mostly stories about a food project with recipes and procedures used.

You can search by your own custom search terms, by category, or by key words (tags). This gives you a lot of flexibility to find what interests you.

Please like and share posts to let me know what you’d like to see more of, or leave comments if you have questions or would like me to provide more information. If you’re not comfortable leaving a comment, I may be reached by e-mail at: tim@timsfoodobsession.com. I will definitely reply. I get great enjoyment from hearing how you use my site to make good foods and getting your insights on how to make things better.

There are convenient links to my Facebook and Instagram posts on each page. If you use those social media forums, this is a good way to see what I’m up do on a regular basis. The details of bigger projects are here on my blog, but my social media accounts will show what I’m up to a few times a week.

For the most up-to-date information, click on the “follow” button at the bottom of any page. You may follow by e-mail or by using a WordPress account (if you have one). It is not required to have a WordPress account to follow. I promise not to spam you with a ton of traffic; all you will get are notifications when new posts are added here.

Please help me spread the word about Tim’s Food Obsession. This is not a money-making effort for me; it is strictly an obsessive hobby fueled by a constant quest for good food.

5 thoughts

  1. Tim, I’m very impressed with what you are doing here. I found you through the anchovies, I have a sicilian tin and wanted some ideas. Meanwhile I saw the rest of the things you’re interested in and I find we have similar sensibilities, if not equipment and energy. Thanks for putting this stuff up!

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    1. Hi John, Thanks so much for your comment. That’s great to hear, and I really appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you try anything here, how it turns out, and if I can help.


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