Here is a list of places where I shop or manufacturers of products I use.  None have paid me or provided any incentives. 

Anova Culinary (Home Sous Vide machine)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Barrel Care Procedures

Belgian Beer Pub Map

Canning Pantry (Canning Supplies)

Chile Pepper Seed Sources at Pepper Fool

Cummins Nursery (Fruit Trees, Cider Apple Trees) 

Ed Wood’s Sourdoughs International

Eighth Wonder, Heirloom Rice from the Philippine Rice Terraces 

Get Culture (Cheesemaking supplies)

Grape Varieties for Mid-Atlantic Region

Heritage Foods USA

Homemade Absinthe

Hot Sauce Bottles

Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Jet Burners (for Home Brewing)

Majestic Mountain Sage (Soap making supplies and lye calculator)

Novosel Enterprises (Garden Pots and Seed Starting Supplies)

Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. (Caputo flour and Salt-packed Sicilian Anchovies)

Pungo Creek Mills (Heirloom Indian Corn Meal)

Tomato Growers Supply

VacMaster (Vacuum Sealers)